Monday, April 20, 2015

4--20 Dopey Day For Dopes

Today is dope day--4/20. I'm not into weed, one of the few vices that never caught my drift, so to speak but the dopes on radio shows, I'm betting, to come off as "cool and hip", are already in full 4/20-reference mode.

Listen to the talk shows on radio today and I'm betting you're going to hear every schmendrink ask, "should marijuana be legalized"? How original. It's already legal in Colorado and it's de facto legal here in California. I don't see any issues here.

So, in reality, 4-20 talk is just lazy radio topic. It's not really a story anymore and the novelty of it all went out like a bunch of smoke, ha ha.

Yet, on this day, you will be potted out. It won't be just on radio. TV reporters will go do live shots from Berkeley and look for dopes on Telegraph Ave. In San Francisco, Dolores Park will be invaded by local correspondents at 4: 20 PM: "Hey, I see you (doper) smoking --what's the deal?--(Doper) "We'll, it's 4-20 day!" (Creative).

This will be another day to go to the movies or if you're bored, count the number of stories on local and national media concentrating on this dopey day. Dopes.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Suddenly, The Mellowed Me? Not Really

 I got an e-mail from a longtime reader: "you've gone soft--what's happened to your edge?" Yeah, the snarky me has temporarily left the building which is bad for business--less hits, less fuss, more, well yes, happy snarky me, your loving media blogger who has this dilemma.

Part of the appeal of this site is that people react to bluntness--want honesty. Maybe too much honesty. It's like the ultimate driving on the freeway and stopping to view the blood from the accident and bodies. I'm generalizing but you get the gist. We complain that the only news is bad news yet we're not interested in good news --in fact, years ago, some TV channel promoted the first "We only report good news"--no murder stories, no funerals, no armed robbery surveillance video, etc. and guess what? Nobody watched. The channel went dead. So good news is really bad business apparently. The National Enquirer's picture of Elvis's dead body was its most popular cover ever. Millions bought it. A cute and cuddly cat appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. It too sold well but nowhere near the figure of Elvis's corpse.

Which brings me back to my buddy saying that I've pulled back and become too mellow. I really haven't but maybe some of you think I have. It's hard, frankly, to go poke at others when you yourself have been in a personal funk like me for the past month or so. There are those journalists out there who have an amazing ability to compartmentalize and perform their work even under the most dire of circumstances. That's why I'm a blogger, I guess.

Even those of you that have been the recipient of my scorn know (most of you at least) that my rants are based, mostly, on my opinion of your work. I seriously try not to make it personal but any criticism, any rip, verbal snipe, el-snarky supreme, is always personal. Some of you get it and know how to play the game- others simply don't get it. It's just my opinion. Nevertheless my current pretzel state instead of the spicy meatloaf has transformed me which is great for the mind but delivers lousy Google checks. So help me, what should I do?

When you're dealing with life issues everything else becomes uber-secondary. I know a lot of you guys love pictures of black Bentleys parked in handicapped zones and ripping the morning talk host who does mattress ads but I'm not in the mood. Not now at least. They'll be a day when things go back to normal but right now is not the time. Or is it? Never mind.

This may sound trite but one thing I've really discovered is that no matter how much we think something is important; some job, some ex-wife; a girlfriend/boyfriend issue, ego, weight, the 'who pays the bar tab', me taking a shot at Ronn; it's really not that important. Surprise. Sure, I can still think that Ronn sold out but I don't wish Ronn any ill health or bad vibe; never have, but going through what I've been through the past six weeks makes it seem, in retrospect, utterly trivial and in reality it is. All of it. I'm beginning to sound like Dr. Phil and that's annoying but I think you get the point.

In due time, God willing and if I'm in a better mood and not worrying about what other people think about me, I'll get back to throwing out some darts and extra cheese on the burgers. Until then, please excuse my detour from Glenn Beck into Mother Teresa.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

KSFO Is Really For Sale (Again)

 KSFO, the conservative radio fortress at 560 AM on the dial is, according to those in the know, for sale. I mean, like, really, really, for sale.

Of course, everything is potentially for sale. Well, maybe not these guys.

We've been down this road before but people in the business say Cumulus (which owns the radio station) is seriously scouting potential suitors.

For one, KSFO has barely four fulltime staffers (including on-air and off) and a great signal adding to its mass profitability. It could probably fetch well over $10-15 million dollars in the nation's 4th-largest radio market. Furthermore, the revenue generated from the sale could allow Cumulus to acquire some up-front money that could conceivably pay off some small debt. In real terms, the money is but a speck in corporate accounting but it is real money nonetheless.

As usual, we will make inquirers and try to clean up the dust.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Three Bay Area Media Heavyweights From Yesterday: Fred Pardini, Don Sanchez and Jan Hutchins At Rick Barry Tribute

I had the pleasure of hosting a tribute to Rick Barry Thursday Night at the I Magnin Rooftop Garden in Oakland. Among the luminaries here: From left: Fred Pardini, the award-winning KGO-TV cameraman; Don Sanchez, news and sports anchor, KGO-TV and Jan Hutchins, longtime KPIX sports anchor.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

KTVU Mulls Possible Anchors For New 4 PM Newscast In The Summer

Pam Cook/KTVU
 Pam Cook would make for a terrific choice to become the lead anchor for KTVU's new 4 PM Newscast coming this summer.

I've always liked Cook and thought she would be great for a more time-friendly spot than her current early-morning gig on KTVU's morning news.

Cook isn't the only current anchor under consideration; there's talk that KTVU/Fox2 might look for someone outside the market to become the air talent for the new show but I think that's doubtful.

KTVU has a number of in-house candidates that are more than adequate for the 4 PM newscast although adding certain names becomes problematic.

Heather Holmes is one of the station's big names and would certainly be effective at 4 but take her away from the weekend anchor desk and risk losing audience share?

Ken Wayne is a rising star and is comfortable on his weekend anchoring gig (with Holmes) but could become enlightened as a potential solo during the week. It's possible KTVU wouldn't necessarily go with multiple anchors at 4 but that's considered unlikely.

There's a lot to mull here.

Ken Wayne/KTVU

Heather Holmes/KTVU

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KTVU's Bold Move: Adds 4 PM Newscast

KTVU 640Are you ready for another 4 PM Bay Area TV Newscast? KTVU thinks you are. The Fox-owned station will add an early afternoon show starting this summer called the KTVU FOX 2 News at 4 p.m

KTVU will compete with KGO-TV as the other station in the market with a 4 PM show. KGO's newscast at 4 is centered on more consumer news, light-fare stories and more like a prelude to the traditional newsy 5 and 6 PM newscasts. KTVU's 4 PM newscast figures to go that route with a similar strategy but the specifics aren't known yet.

The 4 PM hour has been known as the Death Valley of time slots so this is a bold move for KTVU. The anchors aren't known yet but we'll inquire from our eyes and ears in Jack London Square and see who are the possible players.

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{h/t TV Spy}

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Note To My Readers --Issues, Issues, Issues; Back Wednesday

I've been away and dealing with some personal issues. Life issues that are obviously more important than mundane media minutiae but I thought it would be proper to let you know some things.

My mom is dealing with a heart matter, but being she's a tough cookie, is and will be stronger. The doctors are great and blunt too--oh, and it's a heart. Not a foot. Not an ear. A heart. For the past month or so I've been trying to get along, but with a heavy heart myself.

Suffice to say, the issues are at times overwhelming and there's days that are good and there's bad days too. I know one thing: compared to real life and real life issues, some things are just darn trivial and don't mean anything, including this.

So, sorry for the mystery--my bad, but I'm trying my best to balance my own life, (insert joke).

Again, for those of you that wrote me, (some of my enemies even) I cannot tell you how much it means to me and my mother. It's a cliché, but so be it: Thank you so very much for caring and your support. It helps, really, it so very much helps. God bless all of you.

If all goes well, I'll be back on Wednesday.