Monday, August 3, 2015

KTVU Had An Identity Too

KGO TV's Newsroom Coordinator Chan Gets The Axe

Anna Chan Anna Chan, the popular KGO-TV Newsroom Coordinator was fired from her position --boy, Disney can be so cruel.

Katie Marzullo Is 'Supremely Pissed Off' At KGO-TV; Rising Star Miffed Over Recent 'Hottest' Hires; Power Struggle Between ND Watkowski And GM Burton; Staffers Angry At 900 Front

 Katie Marzullo was thought to be a rising star at KGO-TV (ABC7); she's been the primary weekend anchor and also reports in the field. In addition, Marzullo has been doing fill-in anchoring during the week.

Not anymore.

Marzullo, who is universally loved at 900 Front, is both miffed and "supremely pissed off" at being replaced by San Diego newcomer, Natasha Zouves. My KGO Insider tells me Marzullo isn't going to rock the boat but privately she's seething and has told friends she feels as if the station has disrespected her.

"Katie is a professional and will continue to do her job but she's very discouraged about her situation and the direction of the station," offered my spy. "She was told she'd be the main weekend anchor and that management felt she was KGO's up and comer."

Not so fast.

Marzullo's status has become the centerpiece in what might be called a baby power struggle between News Director, Tracey Watkowski, and GM and President of KGO, Bill Burton, who was instrumental in the recent hires of Zouves and just last week, Portland and CNN anchor, Reggie Aqui. These "Hottest" new KGO anchors has touched off quite a division in the KGO newsroom, particularly senior staffers.

The staffers have great respect and possess near-universal admiration for Marzullo. Furthermore, almost everyone in the building is turned off by the direction of Burton, who seems to have taken some word from Disney to a "move to a more LA/KTLA style." Plain Speak: Lots of glitz, lots of 'flash and emphasis on "Social Media", read by "pretty people" from LA. Your basic KTLA look, but does that formula work in the Bay Area?

We won't know for sure in the immediate future but we do know that this weekend reshuffle has Katie Marzullo bent out of shape. She's apparently not alone.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Spenger's A Big, Popular Seafood Joint In Berkeley Favorite Of Media And Pretty Much Everyone Else

 Spenger's on a Sunday Night. Two-hour wait. Great restaurant. Great food. The freshest seafood. The most tasty sourdough bread. Good people. Reasonable prices. Wait, did I leave anything out?

Spenger's is still around today but they changed ownership, freshened it up a bit, and the prices went way up. And guess what? The food is lousy--mediocre at best. I haven't been there in years and have no plans to visit.

Spenger's on the Berkeley waterfront, right across the street from Brennen's, another old place (hoffbrau-style) that they tidied up and proceeded to wreck the food and atmosphere too.

Spenger's and Brennen's were big media people hangouts in the Eastbay. Dave Newhouse, formerly of the Oakland Trib and old KNBR was a regular at Spenger's. Many times I saw Gary Park and Ron Bergman at both places.

Friday, July 31, 2015