Monday, September 22, 2014

Major Technical Problems Forces KPIX To Abort 6 PM Newscast

KPIX had a MAJOR technical foul-up Monday night on its 6 PM newscast, forcing the station to go to over ten minutes of commercials and lost the show entirely.

The problem began with anchor, Ken Bastida, introducing a segment about free parking with Consumer reporter, Julie Watts.

Bastida went to the video package --no sound and a bunch of garbled air.

Cut to commercials. Lots. Then back to the studio, try again, WRONG! No air, lots of garble, garble--finally Bastida tossed it over to Watts herself only for Watts to look about to come unglued --when, you guessed it, the entire news set went dark. Cut to spots.

Eventually, weatherman, Paul Deanu managed to do his weather report, then back to 10 minutes of commercials. Clearly, something was wrong and really nasty taking place in the KPIX studio--enough to wipe out the studio shots plus co-anchor Veronica De La Cruz. Bastida abruptly cut off the newscast and went straight to Scott Pelley with the CBS 'Evening News.'

Someone is having a really bad night at 855 Battery.

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KTVU Has A New ND; Dean Danos Gets Screwed By KCBS; Colin Kaepernick And Race Mix Into Bay Area Sports Media Hatred Of 49ers QB; Monday Coffee First Take

Monday Coffee

*Dana Hahn is headed to KTVU from Washington DC as the new Channel 2 News Director. She replaces Wonder Boy, Lee Rosenthal, who, as I predicted, is headed to Boston to work at the Fox station where soon-to-be moving, GM, Tom Raponi is taking him. I'm sure the Bostonians just can't wait.

*KCBS made a major mistake by firing overnight anchor, Dee Danos. Danos is at the top of his game. I know he's 82- so the hell what! It was Danos who comforted listeners after the Napa quake. It was Danos, the only one on the air at the time, who provided A-rate coverage and was commended by management soon after, only to be shown the door. KCBS ND, Ed Cavagnaro, contacted for comment, did not respond. CBS-SF radio, your brand has taken a hit and Dean Danos, a class act, was treated like shit. Don't think for a moment other personnel in the building and local industry people have taken notice.

*Let's cut to the chase and speak honest, got it? Colin Kaepernick is being chastised by the Bay Area Sports Media by the fact that he doesn't like the local press; they don't like him; and the 49ers are losing. Combine that with the fact that he's young and black, wears tattoos and sports an urban look that is quite threatening to a mostly White, middle-aged, out-of-touch, uncomfortable press corps. That's a fact. It may not be pleasant but it's the truth. For better or worse.

Kaepernick could do himself a favor by simply 'playing the media game' and conducting post-game interviews, it's not like he's performing surgery --but he has contempt for the writers. Based on some of the questions he gets, maybe he's right to cop a 'tude. In any event, don't think for a moment the underlying issue here isn't racial--it is. Yeah, they won't tell you that--I will.

That doesn't make Kaepernick a bad guy, but it speaks volumes about the real issue here. Like I said, out of touch. Here's a hint guys, why not simply ask Cap himself what's the deal? Maybe he'd open up then. Maybe not. Whatever.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kaepernick's Disgust With Bay Area Sports Media, (And Vice Versa), Intensifies; KTVU's Ibanez and Clark Rip Kap Post-Game Presser

 Bay Area Sports Media and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick war of words...or lack thereof ---

*Culture clash

*Kap's genuine dislike of Bay Area press corps.

*Disconnect intensifies with report of racial slur; he denies, they persist.

*Situation intensifies with 49ers play and off-field issues. McDonald situation factor.

*Kap cool to 'being nice.'

*KTVU's Mark Ibanez and Dwight Clark rip Kaepernick's snarky post-game press conference. Ibanez: "Just give an interview!"


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Dean Danos Responds To 415 Media About KCBS Firing; Veteran Anchor 'Shocked' Over Ouster

Dean Danos has been fired by KCBS--Danos just sent me this e-mail; I asked the veteran newsman to respond to the KCBS move.

Hi Rich:

Well, it was a total surprise.  The other day I got a call from Ed, (Cavagnaro), (NewsDirector), saying that they would have to let me go.  After recovering from the shock, I asked why. He said that they need to make a change so that they could have an outside reporter in the anchor position in the case of something like the quake might happen.  He said that they could send that person out to cover it.  I asked how they would do without an anchor. He said that they had done that before. Still no explanation how.  Then he went on to say that my last day would be Oct11, and I would get a nine day severance, and that was it. A person at the union talked to Ed, and told me, from what he said, she couldn't fathom why I was dropped. There are other part-time  anchors that are not reporters.  I found it interesting that, during the quake, as others came in to cover it, they gave me a thumbs-up, and said that I did a good job.  I don't know what is going on, because, during my 14 years at KCBS, I was always available when needed, and was proud to be a member of the news team.

Dean Danos

Saturday, September 20, 2014

KCBS Dumps Overnight Legend Dean Danos

Dean Danos


Dean Danos, the mega-veteran, overnight anchor for KCBS has been shown the door by the all-news outlet. His last day is Oct. 11.

Star Wars

 KTVU's Catfight

Mikaelian vs Haener turf battle.

Somerville in between.

Internal bickering.


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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Empty Roger Goodell Press Conference; NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai Joins Me on KSCO For Reaction

 Many of you watched the Roger Goodell presser and were overwhelmingly underwhelmed like myself.

Whether or not you're a sports fan the NFL has become ingrained in most of our life, pro football, in spite of all the unsavory incidents that's taken place, still is popular.

On Friday, the commissioner took questions from the media and swung and miss. My opinion --and I'm certainly not alone.

This afternoon, on my KSCO Radio program, we will tackle all this, (and other issues of the day). Joining me at 4: 20 PM, from NBC Bay Area, lead-anchor, Raj Mathai, who got to know Goodell when he, (Mathai), worked for the San Diego Chargers.

*To listen, simply click on the link above and then click on live link on the website--those who can't listen live, a podcast will be available later in the day.