Monday, March 30, 2015

Source: KRON 'Fucking Bullshit' Crawl Was Internal Job By Disgruntled Employee; Staff Meetings Probe Incident

 KRON had multiple staff meetings today (Monday) over last week's sabotage screen image (removed) of the words: "Fucking Bullshit" on the station's morning news crawl for over six minutes.

According to my KRON spy, management  determined that this was not an outside hack but an internal job by a disgruntled employee. (Well no shit, Sherlock)

Says the spy: "Morale could not be worse."

No word yet on who did it but it was someone that morning. Ashley Medina, the GM is said to be really pissed about this but ND, Aaron Pero is surprisingly calm.

415 Media Exclu: Dan Ashley Re-Ups At KGO-TV 'For Many Years To Come'

 Veteran KGO-TV (ABC7) lead weeknight anchor, Dan Ashley, has signed a "long-term" contract extension that will keep the twenty-year veteran at the ABC O and O for "many years to come", according to a reliable SF broadcast source.

Ashley has been a stalwart for KGO's pm news blocks anchoring the 5, 6, 9 (on KOFY) and 11 PM newscasts.

Reached by phone, Ashley refused comment but his re-up was, according to the source, finalized last week and an official announcement from KGO should be coming any day now.

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415 Media Monday Survey: What's Your Morning Routine?

 The morning ritual--better yet, your morning ritual. For many of you preparing to go into the office, it's turning on the TV and watching the local news while you sip your coffee and get ready. For others, it's the radio and traffic and weather reports or is it?

Tell me your morning routine. Has it changed? Do you even look for news? Or maybe it's more music and jazz to get your day going, I'd be interested to know.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

San 'CraneCisco' And A Few Sunday Morsels

 San Cranecisco--that's what I'm calling the city of 49 square miles that has become fully Manhattanized as Herb Caen said this city would eventually become and it has.

Have you seen downtown? Particularly near the Bay Bridge, only Dubai would rival SF with the over abundance of cranes and $49 million dollar condo towers. But hey, it's a techie world and oh, Yahoooooo!

I used to cross the bridge quite frequently from Oakland but I rather dread going into the city now. It's not just the parking, the horrible roads, the mass potholes and such it's just navigating through a land not designed nor prepared for the million or so people who come to it every weekday. Advantage, Emeryville, Oakland, where you might not have a Coit Tower or Tadich Grill, but you can park and see the sun too. Party on.

*Please, someone tell me cooler heads will come out and prevent the closing of Capp's in North Beach.

*This has been such a tense week for yours truly I actually went to Berkeley.

*Those of you that wrote in with well wishes for Mom, thank you so much. Of course a few schmendricks managed to get their two cents in act like a bunch of schmucks, anonymously of course.

*To rip, to belittle, to criticize, to skewer --public people; media people; myself included, is fair game...people's mothers, kids, father's --are not.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

KGO-KRON SSA On Screen; Vic Lee Holds KRON Mike

The KRON-KGO SSA (Shared Services Agreement) might have begun in earnest Friday night.

Last evening on the 5pm newscast, KGO had a tease for a story coming up at six by Vic Lee.  The video was shot from behind Lee as he walked...holding TWO flagged with the circle 7 and the other...wait for it...KRON.

Looks like the shared services agreement means sharing staff, too.


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Friday, March 27, 2015

Note To My Readers

I've been a wreck this past week--that's why I took a break and I wanted you all to know why--I'm not going to get too specific because I don't want nor seek sympathy but I also want to set the record straight so there's no mystery.

My mom --my rock, really, has been dealing with heart issues and had to be admitted to the hospital Tuesday night. Mom is 92 but looks 72 and is tougher than nails--we just picked her up from Summit Medical Center and she's, thank god, at home doing very well and isn't having any difficulty breathing and her heart beat is almost back to normal thanks to some great doctors. She's going to have to have another procedure soon but the cardiologist said it'll make her heart better.

Real quickly, thanks to all the nurses, doctors and staff at Summit for taking care of mom.

And thanks to so many of you, my readers,  who sent messages and called to ask what was going on; was I OK, are you all right, etc.

Today is certainly a good Friday in my book.

I'll be back in action soon as will 415 Media. Again, thanks to all of you.