Wednesday, October 22, 2014

KNBR Seriously Thinking About Going All-Commercial Format; Secret Meeting At 55 Hawthorne; The Peacon Is 'Fired Up'

 KNBR, I have a sense, is going to change format: from all-sports to all-commercials.

With the exception of Giants, 49ers, and Warriors broadcasts, the venerable station will program commercial spots, 24/7 and only interrupt commercial with one to-two-minute bits from its various hosts as to now ruin the all-commercial format. When you have the momentum of  listening to entertaining commercials, according to the station's salespeople, why ruin it with oblique thoughts from innocuous talk guys.

This format, says an Insider, would be truly revolutionary. Imagine sitting in the car and being able to listen to all! 1-800-Kars-For-Kids jingles? Damn, for free too! And you won't just get the standard version but the country, pop-singing, and free-for-all too! Then wait, before you know it, endless Chilton Auto Body, Murph's Fremont BMW, Tolbert's awesome Comcast, SweetJack, hey, we're having a party now, it's orgasmic!

A 24/7 all-commercial, all-the-time format would provide for innovative programming; I'm told even Lee Hammer, the Opps Mgr at KNBR, is mulling it with a host of Cumulus high tops who have come from Atlanta to go over the possibly impending format change.

Waldus McFuckface, a Cumulus Senior Accounts Manager from Green Bay, Wisconsin, currently residing in the Fisherman's Wharf Holiday Inn expressed confidence that the new format could be instituted soon. "Look what we did to KGO, dude, you know what we could do to KNBR--I mean, this could develop into a 'mechanism for San Francisco and the Bay Area."

Indeed, KNBR's all-commercial format could become iconic. It would generate more cash for the station and provide more stability in programming, which currently is bogged down by air talent talking on aimlessly about sports teams and having kids to become full in life. Who wants that, who needs that, for the 99th time, who cares? Nobody cares.

The all-commercial format will include all your favorite spots, but will take breaks for traffic reports and five-second sports updates by Kate T. Scott, who reportedly insisted to management she be included in any such real content aside from the commercials. Ms. Scott sat in on a secret meeting last week with Hammer, Peacon Patrick Connor and Bart Butwick, better known as the Giants mascot, Lou Seal. All came away positive about the impending change. Said the Peacon: "Dude, I AM FIRED UP about this, WAR EAGLE!"

The all-commercial switch would have to get FCC approval but is considered all but done. Other talk show hosts at KNBR were unable to comment, but "Powlie Mac", the half part of "Murph and Mac" offered a musical reaction via Skype: "I Can't Go For That", howled Paulie, who hails from East Bedford, New Jersey and smokes some rockin' tunes.

Gary Rabainiwitch, the station's 9-Noon, co-host also was unable to comment as he was attending a family research seminar in the Tenderloin.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Miss Samantha Mohr; Former Weather Beauty PIXer Holding Court At CNNI

 I MISS Samantha Mohr, don't you?

Another talent that quit the Rosenheim regime and has gone on to bigger and better places.

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Is There A Baseball Game On Tonight? Heather Holmes Power Chick At KTVU; Katie Marzullo Please Smile; Ditto Allen Martin; Vern Glenn Continues To Act Like Raddy; Ashley/KGO 9 Newscast On KOFY Best Bay Area TV News Show; Tuesday Starter


*Is there a baseball game tonight?

*KCBS' Bob Butler, also head of the National Association of Black Journalists is pissed off at CNN

*For the life of me I thought that the All-Star Donut place in Soma was the location of the Sudden Impact robbery scene--I was wrong. No donuts for me, I'll stick to the turkey sandwich at Tommy's Joynt.

*Heather Holmes is telling people that she really is the straw that stirs the drink at gloomy and doomy KTVU. How much so? Well, if Haener and Michaelalien were cat-fighting, Holmes and the other assorted femme fatales would be having an all-out brawl. So goes the word.

*Katie Marzullo apparently subscribes to the Claudine Wong, I'll only smile if I have to. Memo to Katie: you are an attractive news reader --try not to act like a robot otherwise you'll end up being a Peggy Bunker.

*Allen Martin: have a cocktail, loosen up. Ask Rosenheim if you could take a night off and get a couple of pops at the Old Ship, damn, quit acting like your shit doesn't stink.

*Dennis O'Donnell: Careful there, Shooter. (GAME OFFFF!) (She really does have a crush on you but that's entering troubled waters.)

*Vern Glenn: Remember the good old days when you acted like you and not Raddy? Vern, be yourself. And quit the schlocky interview yap with 49ers players, you're embarrassing yourself. It's a pain in the ass to watch lately.

*The big newsie inside KPIX is that the ex-female weather star is having renewed snippy snips with Dano. Oh, for gods sake, Dano, bury it once and for all.

*More torture than a half-hour of being waterboarded: hearing Veronica De La Cruz chortle, GAME ON! VLDC: Oh please, just stop.

*Unclear on the concept department: live shots in front of AT&T Park today and tonight. The game is in KC, not SF. Game 3 is in the city. Speaking of which, time to hit the Marina bars for screaming, drunken, fat white guys and chicks wearing Panda hats and Buster Posey jerseys.

*Radnich had a tough day: sat in traffic on 101 on his way to Levi's Stadium to do a radio show. Well, see everyone, when you have kids and all that responsibility in life you have to ....wait, that's what Raddy will use soon on the all-commercial station. That's his entire script. Watch, Giants lose first game: Maybe the Royals are just a little better. Blah, blah, blah.

*KCBS: Repeat...Repeat...Repeat...Repeat...Repeat. Jesus Christ! ...and another thing, THIS JUST IN: Susan Leigh-Taylor doesn't know shit about sports. If you're gonna ask Madden a question just know what the hell you're talking about--or let Bitker handle it.

*Speaking of Madden: count the number of times the old coach says...."That's the thing."

*Sussman on KSFO: count the number of "OK's" and "folks." On an average day, double digits in half-hour alone.

*Sussman sidekick, the traffic chick: you're beginning to sound like, wow, totally, dude, hopeless, (sound the mattress train sounder).

*Bitker to Madden this morning: "So, you going to watch the Giants game tonight?" No, Steve, he's going to a wedding party in Fremont.

*Hands down the BEST TV newscast in town: Dan Ashley/KGO 9PM on KOFY: Real simple news. No nonsense or silly games. Occasional humor. Quick, straight tosses to Beil and Christian. The fastest 60 minutes on local TV--a newscast that doesn't dumb down its audience with gimmicks and artificial theatre.

*KRON/Pero Update: more screaming and yelling at staffers. Maybe he has a small something.

*Would any of you mind it if I had a quiet couple of drinks tonight with a new female reporter from a TV station? I ask because it's strictly business but with all you guys kvetching it might be interpreted as much more than that. It isn't. Who is she? None of your damn business.

*Royals in 6. 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Shot outside "All-Star Donuts"a McDonalds at 3rd St. near 101 off 5th and Folsom --made many trips there over the years. This is not the greatest movie scene ever by any means but one of Clint  Eastwood's best Dirty Harry movies.

Go ahead, make my day and watch.

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Ask Rich Lieberman 415 Media Monday

 So many topics, so many questions and answers for your Bay Area Media inquiries --Fire away.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fortune Loves Oakland; Welcome To The Party Magazine gives a little love to Oakland. Glad you finally made it to the party. We've been saying this for over ten years.

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Three Finalists For 'NewsTalk 910' 10-1 PM Slot; Rothmann, Baxter And Hughes

 Talk 910, has been auditioning various hosts to fill its 10 AM-1 PM slot. A decision is expected sometime in the next few weeks but I've got the final three favorites, according to a local broadcast source familiar with the probable pecking order.

The "live and local" mantra is a key to the eventual winner; it's highly unlikely that Clear Channel would make an out-of-market hire but nothing surprises me anymore.

The 3 finalists, according to my source--

1. John Rothmann: the former KGO Radio talk host and frequent fill-in at Talk 910 is the odds-on favorite. Rothmann has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Middle East, politics, Presidential Elections and current events. He's also a terrific interviewer and would make for an outstanding three hours of informative and entertaining radio.

2. Ed Baxter: Baxter spent over three decades as an anchor at KGO and did some sporadic fill-in both at KGO and 910 AM as a talk host. He also recently launched a website with content from Bay Area TV and Radio talent. I loved Baxter as a news anchor; I'm not so sure if I could listen to him as a talk host three hours a day--not a knock on Ed, just my own opinion.

3. Spencer Hughes: The weakest link, and the least-likely choice. Hughes has been all over the talk map bouncing from station to station. His most recent foray was at KSFO where he chose to resign rather than being fired. I'm not a fan of this guy; his annoying style, the faux outrage, the constant mumbling has never quite caught on with me yet Hughes keeps getting jobs. And keeps getting fired too. Go figure.

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