Thursday, October 30, 2014

We Defer To A Certain Baseball Team --(And Will Try To Ignore The Mission Mayhem); Update

 We'll get back to the mundane material soon enough. And try to put this other rather predictable shit in the rearview mirror.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Talk 910 Chooses Ed Baxter For 10-1 PM Slot; 'Safe Decision'; John Rothmann Gets Screwed

 Longtime Bay Area radio news anchor, Ed Baxter has been chosen as Talk 910 AM's new host from 10 AM- 1 PM.

I like Baxter. Good guy. Professional, interesting and compelling. Slightly.

Not a talk-show host though, my opinion.

I expected this gig to go to John Rothmann who is an outstanding interviewer, has a keen eye on the political arena and deep knowledge of the Middle East debate.

Of course this was a safe pick for the Clear Channel SF crowd and that is why its ratings are in the dumper too.

Choices like this will never move the needle.

Oh well.

It could have been worse.

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KTVU Gets Ripped For Giants/World Series Orgasm Coverage; PIX' Mike Sugerman Likes NightBeat; Breaking Down Gary Radnich Salary; Da Lin; Darya Folsom; Tony Kovaleski; Ronn Owens and KQED Union Issue; Wednesday


Several of you have sent e-mails and comments on the comment line here complaining about KTVU's coverage of the Giant's World Series run.

Has KTVU gone overboard? Of course. Don't they, (media), all? Has KTVU run repetitious, predictable and saturation reporting? Yes, yes and yes. Has the ludicrous and over-used "Team Coverage" run amok? Yes and Yes, again.

I'm not surprised about all this; KTVU isn't alone to be fair but since when did actual news coverage trump a Giants Post-Season appearance? Never.

KTVU is simply over-milking its FOX affiliation, (and now, its owner), network association with the World Series with the predictable anchors/reporters en masse covering everything/anything Giants. It's an editorial/sales dept. tour de force for the station and it's making globs of money for Channel 2 and driving first-place ratings. In a perfect world KTVU would be a little less busy but this is a different world. Thus, you get extra-sized Panda-hat coverage.

*Bumped into KPIX/KCBS vet reporter, Mike Sugerman last night doing a live shot in Downtown Oakland, (and reading this blog--good for him), about the upcoming election. Sugerman: "I like Night Beat", he told me. Mike, you're a cool guy and been in town for over 30 years so you should know better but I respectfully disagree. Nice cigar though.

*Tuesday's column about the Giants and Downtown SF: replay exact scenario for tonight. Could be bedlam if Gints win considering the hot weather and pre-Halloween scene. REPEAT: God bless the SFPD. Can only imagine what the HOJ might be like tonight after the game. Of course if they lose, you'll probably be able to nail a table at Tadich at 8.

*Wasn't that long ago that both KPIX and KRON were neighbors on Van Ness. Now with KRON less than a month away from moving into 900 Front, (where KGO-TV resides), and PIX on Battery, three of the big 4 will be less than a mile apart. Good news for Hunan, Grumpy's and the Old Ship.

*Darya on the Embarcadero: Good news for all the sailors.

*Da Lin: If Mr. Spock was Asian.

*Ronn Owens: Hadn't said a word about the Giants all year--suddenly comes out of the barn and hasn't stopped yapping about them all week. Maybe cuz good friend, Larry Baer, gave him two lower-level tickets to the World Series. Ronnnnnnnnnnn tried to return the favor by offering Larry a Temperpedic mattress --Baer politely said no thanks. Ronnnnn will be wearing a Panda hat all November.

*The TV reporters in town who used to make the big bucks have seen their pay almost cut in half in recent years. Long gone are the $200K a-year "average" reporters; now, most of 'em are lucky to pull in half that.

*Radnich Salary Breakdown: $350K from KNBR; $150K from KRON and a cheeseburger and orange soda from Comcast.

*Andy Baggarly: A younger Kevin Spacey with less hair.

*Dear Amy G: at least you work hard and know baseball as opposed to the Kate Scott scrambled eggs who doesn't know shit.

*Heather Holmes: Carly Simon if she were 40 --plus Holmes has more vain.

*Christin Ayers from KPIX: MSNBC wants you. Hell, so do I.

*Even if the dummies at KQED think they got their union issue fixed, they would be severely wrong. Ask the rank and file, secretly, of course.

*Tony Bruno is not coming to The Game to brighten up the morning. He's too much baggage, would ask and need too much money and the only sports tonsils 95.7 FM hires are contest winners.

*Gil Gross: Elliot Gould, 2014, without very little hair.

*Jon Bristow and Jennifer Jones-Lee: Donnie and Marie. Although she's a little more country and he's a little more rock and roll.

*Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn had a rough week. He was supposed to have lunch with John Handlery at Perry's but forgot about Gavin Newsom at the Daily Grill. Advantage, Newsom, 12 extra gadgets and a free meal.

*Linda Yee at PIX: best and most-seasoned veteran street reporter makes least amount of money on staff. That'll fire up morale. (Gammmmmmmme Offffffff!)

*Tony Kovaleski: If Robert Duvall was 63.

*Elyce Kirchner: You can investigate me any damn time you please if you know what I mean.

*Vicky Nguyen: Psst, smile, it's not against the law.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

KRON Shows Off New Digs At 900 Front Building

This is what will be behind Pam Moore during the KRON 4 Evening Newscasts KRON will have state-of-the-art new digs at 900 Front Street come the middle of next month.

Everything looks nice.

The new set up above is a refreshing change from the staid old 1001 Van Ness studios --the Embarcadero home is choice real estate for current KRONvicts.

From Tommy's Joynt to Grumpy's.

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SF October '14 Radio Ratings

KNBR: Thanks Giants.
KGO: Thanks KNBR for allowing us to borrow the 49ers.
95.7 THE GAME: Someone will be fired, soon. And wait until both the A's and Raiders leave.
TALK 910: Breathing.
KSFO: OK, but don't get too giddy, you still suck.

*This is a beauty contest--actual ratings that the advertisers use is not this PPM deal.


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I Believe Downtown San Francisco Will Be Pre-Occupied Tonight With A Baseball Game

 UH, there's nothing to talk about because the entire city is shut down, checked out, mentally and physically, and that's ok, sports--in this case, the baseball team can be incredibly uplifting. Takes one's minds off the cranes, mid-Market traffic bedlam, Embarcadero madness, the techies, the "hipsters" with the 18,987 tattoos, our local media mavens suddenly wearing Hunter Pence jerseys.

From about 4 to about 9 PM tonight, the city will be essentially shut down. The Royal Exchange will be filled with lots of white people, guys in suits sporting orange ties, and women named Courtney giggling endlessly screaming, "Giants!" and sipping glasses of red. The word, "dude!" will ring from the Financial district to the Marina. God Bless the SFPD. I don't want to even contemplate what might take place come about 8ish. Crowds, especially drunken, unfiltered, men with loads of enough testosterone to fill the Panda's stomach can be irksome especially when the residue smells of extreme Budweiser.

Newscasters, especially some out-of-towners: "Go Giants!" to fellow anchor. Has all the authenticity of a pastrami laced with mayo on wonder bread. By the way, does anyone eat white bread anymore? And if so, what does one put on white bread? Peanut butter and jelly comes to mind but who would readily admit they eat peanut butter and jelly? (I do). It's an acquired taste.

This all, tonight, could be repeated on Wednesday if the Gints were to lose and thus, a Game 7 looms. Secretly, every bartender and restaurant owner downtown won't admit this publically, but another ball game would do wonders for the cash registers. I know Larry Baer was giddy that they played three games at ATM Park because you can never have too much money and by the time the Brinks trucks left 3rd and King, they had just enough currency to cover Panda's salary for 2015 and Larry's slush fund.

Assignment desk meetings this morning: Giants nonstop --every live shot destination: The ballpark first and then Momo's come 5, 6, and 11. Nothing else matters. God forbid there is actual NEWS, remember that, but I know I'm being cynical. The Giants are the NEWS, GAME ONNNNNN! (Oh shit, not her again). There's nothing wrong with the Giants owning the evening and the Bay Area TV and Radio airwaves on KNBGiants--after all, it's good for the city and local economy. It's especially fine that people have a mechanism for taking a momentary break from their bosses assholeness, tech gadgets, bottom lines, spread sheets and the like; screaming, ranting, yelling GO PEAVY! is a welcome break from Ebola panic, Obama, Obamacare, Google, Facebook, Tweeting, it's good to have a break. Personally, I will be holed up in a distant remote location away from the Pandamonium having a daydream about myself and Monica Bellucci alone at Tommy's Joynt, that's how I roll.


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Monday, October 27, 2014

Owens and Bakos KGO Radio Power Play; Frank Somerville's $400K Salary At KTVU To Be Cut By Fox Slashers; KPIX Dysfunction; KRON Nears Moving To 900 Front; Monday Morning After


It's not so much that the wee-hours guy, David Weintraub, was shown the door at albatross KGO Radio, it's the way it went down.

Weintraub, who wasn't a major player in KGO's decaying talk set-up but was clearly better than average, was the victim of a professional hit with Ronn Owens and Rene Bakos the backstabbers.

According to sources close to the situation, Owens wanted Weintraub out. Weintraub used to be Owen's producer and had both personal and professional clashes with the gadget man.

This, despite the fact that Weintraub was well-liked by most KGO staffers and considered an up-and-comer in the talk department. In fact, as I reported last week, Weintraub was ready to take Karel's spot on the weekend until the departure of top suit Ron Escarsega, who despised Karel.

Owens won't admit any of this of course --he's too busy schmoozing and kissing up to KGO's current crumb, Randall Bloomquist, who is essentially running the carnival show right now until the next clown is hired.

*KGO, along with the other Cumulus-SF stations like KNBR, KFOG, KSFO, etc, is moving out of its 55 Hawthorne headquarters and across town to the 300 Broadway building--one of the most heavily-congested areas of the city where parking is a rumor and navigating the traffic is virtually impossible--even with a garage this January move will be brutal.

I'm in touch with the development company based in Emeryville on why Cumulus was booted from Hawthorne and if what I'm hearing can be confirmed, this will be a doozy to report. Stay tuned.

*Frank Somerville's $400K or so salary at KTVU is almost certain to be cut as FOX begins to slash and trash the station's big money earners. The days of high-paid anchors even in big-city markets is a thing of the past. Somerville, like other veteran news readers has little leverage come contract renewal time as other stations in the market, owned by NBC and Disney, also plan to cut salaries.

*To say there's dysfunction at KPIX over a variety of things is like saying there's fog every now and then at the Golden Gate Bridge. For one thing, the cavalcade of managers continues to befuddle the rank and file and create fiction between the GM, ND and news staffers. You'd be surprised too about the very prominent anchors at PIX who are part-timers. It surprised the hell out of me.

*KRON had a tour of its new address, (900 Front; a Nov. 16 date they move in), complete with high-def monitors, news set and new equipment. ND, Aaron Pero, directed the tour with a few station people. Nobody heard or saw any screaming and yelling from Pero but I'm betting he's just getting warmed up.

*If you were listening to the end of the Stanford-Oregon St. radio broadcast on Saturday afternoon on KNBR 1050, it was a good 10 minutes before PBP broadcaster, Scott Reiss, managed to give the score. Not only professionally irresponsible but major annoyance too considering Reiss kept referring to this "Stanford blowout"--really?, then how about a score, moron! Just once.

*If Heather Holmes is considered female anchor royalty then I'm George Clooney.

*Funny: The Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials.

I can't get that crap out of my head.

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