Monday, May 2, 2016

Once Again, Gasia Mikaelian Proving Her News Acumen for KTVU Fox2

Gasia Mikaelian admiring Alex Savidge hair demonstrating The Firm's commitment to News.

The Bay Area Morning TV News Shows: Welcome To The Freak Shows; Call In The Circus Clowns; Hide The Kids; Hurry, Hurry


Monday Morning I decided to drink my Peets and watch the local outlets, in depth, and see for myself what I had been hearing from YOU GUYS: the various dwindling viewers. You're right. FREAK SHOW! Holy Toledo, what a load of garbage. A bunch of no-talent hacks and miscreants pretending to be news people. Ha! Better off they should be working the local circus --a pathetic clown act with a cacophony of NOISE, Visual Junk, cheap stunts and total yahoos who should really be checked into Napa State Hospital.

*We begin with Donnie and Marie; the old standby at suddenly visual root canal in the AM, KGO-TV and its band of useless morsels headed by Mr. Dork and his nutty female accomplice, Ms. Dork: Channel 7's gruesome twosome, Reggie Aqui and Natasha Zouves. These moronic idiots have instigated a mutiny at KGO with the senior staff holding private meetings to rebel against the AM yahoos for their disgusting brand of TV News. News? More like a cheap Anaheim high-school lounge act; I knew BOZO 1 was bad, but this bad? Disney is shaking in his grave and Nurse Ratched is drunk at the bar with her 5th shot of 1800. And now we add Butthead Weather guy Mike Nicco to the mix for his amateurish catcalls off camera; who invited this TV mutt to the party? Nicco belongs in the tea cup, strapped down, in Knots Berry Farm. And Sue Hall, the traffic queen? Is ABC sponsoring your extra plastic surgery gourmet? You kind of resemble a blond Cher on steroids. Good God!

*Yo, KPIX: THIS JUST IN: Your Morning News is a disgrace! Michelle Griego, Countess G with all the warmth of an infected bunion is lost --totally lost. And Mr. Choi is yawn central. Why was he hired? Because you needed another Hawaiian? What, was Betty Yu a secret package deal between SF and Honolulu? Congrats PIX for providing Bay Area viewers a place to regurgitate after an all-night drunkfest.

*We've sort of given a pass to KNTV (NBC Bay Area) of late because we have generally liked their programming; their underrated newscasts and quality reporters for the most part; NOT in the morning!

We know Laura Garcia-Cannon has a lot on her mind but my god, LGC, your unnecessary chirping is so embarrassing--at one point Monday, I thought a canary invaded the news desk! And good golly, who the hell is this circus clown, Mike Inouye?  I didn't know you guys hired a live human seal to broadcast the traffic. This guy claps his hands more time than the SF Giant's Lou Seal. Inouye's act would play better in a  Toledo hen house than San Jose; By the way, Sam Brock? Sam Brock makes Dave Clark look like the Black Walter Cronkite.

*Back in SF we got too much a dose of the usual KRON dumb-shit show with phony Darya Folsom and equally phony Robin Winston (hey Robin, if you're going to post anonymous comments to my blog that rip your co-workers, at least ID yourself; might help you out in the long run and more importantly, greater finance the cosmetics and jell); anyways, I never thought I'd do this: have sympathy for Mark Danon! My gosh, between Darya's BS and the fill-in weather guy on 10X Red Bull, holy teleprompter! You gots lots on the plate!

*Finally, good old KTVU with Foxified DIVA, Gasia Mikaelian, the Elaine Corral on steroids wannabe who possesses all the grace of an Emeryville strip mall. Gasia had a swell Monday: her microwave oatmeal and juice drink were just enough to calm her down; up side? one less selfie with Dave. Down side? She's getting her hair done. Again! Steve, you're doing fine at the weather station and Sal, although we have more personal issues to settle, I still like and appreciate your efforts, just not at THE 9!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brand Defeated

 Sad sad.

Monday embellishment.

KTVU, Eh, Fox2 is like a part of The Firm

 CONGRATULATIONS, KTVU aka: FOX2; you have now been likened to the law establishment in "The Firm", the 1993Tom Cruise movie about a corrupt law firm that  places a figurative noose around the neck of its employees and makes it virtually impossible to escape.

Therefore it's official: Fox has turned KTVU and its worker bees--all of them--into TV News zombies. All march in step and go along with the process; a fear-induced system based on worker capitulation without the slightest bit of indifference and outright "we're all in" but they really aren't. They're afraid. They're scared to death. They, the majority of people; from the front-desk attendant to the secretary in sales; salespeople; PR people; reporters, editors and yes, even anchors, star anchors too are scared shitless.

They would talk, and in the past, they have talked but not anymore. Why? Because, like the industry site has said, KTVU--a Fox owned and operated station in the Bay Area is part of The Firm and when you're in that group, membership requires working with the team. You're a team member now. Don't rock the boat because if you do, then The Firm will deal with you and make your life miserable. You really have no options and if you dare not commit to the cause losing your job will be the easiest part of your life. The Firm has no time for your complaints and feelings about its direction. It will never tolerate criticism nor have any understanding of how its employees gripe about working conditions or very real elements of fear. Just go about your business and do your job. If you go off and begin asking questions and speak to outside people, then you'll have to deal with the consequences.

And that's not going to be a pretty picture.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Working My Way Back To You Girl; TGIF 415 Media Video Finale



Mallicoat To Co-Anchor 'Weekend MO2' on KTVU; No More Palombo

As I speculated that Frank Mallicoat would become a Morning anchor at KTVU, its now become official that he will co-anchor "Mornings on 2--Weekend", (with Claudine Wong) beginning May 7th.

More importantly, Mallicoat's gig wipes the hideous Ross Palombo from the weekend KTVU screen.

Ross Palombo off MO2

Why Donald Trump Didn't Do Ronn Owens KGO Radio Show Friday But Did 'Savage Nation'; Inside Story

 Donald Trump was supposed to be on the phone with Ronn Owens today (Friday) --supposed to.

Owens and his producer had been plugging the short 10-minute phone interview since Wednesday --only one problem.

Trump pulled out of the interview early today --word got back to the Trump campaign that KGO's Owens had been bad-mouthing him (Trump) since early in the primary campaign. In fact, Owens belittled the validity of Trump even after Trump had secured major victories.

When Owens got Trump confirmed for his show, his description of The Donald suddenly changed. Insults became admiration. Rip jobs disappeared --gees, I wonder why? Owens speculated on his show that maybe "Michael Savage called Trump and told him not to do Ronn's show."

Uh, Ronn, it wasn't that; it was your lengthy RIP jobs and insults --he doesn't like double-takers. Pure and simple.

Savage had nothing to do with it.

Trust me.

By the way, Trump did do the Michael Savage Show at 1: 35 PM PT.