Monday, November 30, 2015

Minute By Minute - Monday PM 415 Media Video Finale

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KPIX Morning Show 'In The Tanker'; Robin Winston Turns Down Traffic Gig

 Morning Show "is in the tanker", according to several of my KPIX peeps.

*People complain of "unsteady" direction --and that's why two female media figures turned down the traffic reporter gig.

*How bad? Elizabeth Wenger had her baby and quit on the station.

*Maybe they need to look to KGO Radio/KRON hottie/traffic chick, Robin Winston.

Wait. They offered her the traffic gig and she told them, "no thanks."


KRON is Relevant Because of These Stunning Female Middle-Aged Anchors; Monday Launch

KRON is mired in mediocrity and 5th-tier status in the market --has been for many years with a workforce in perpetual siege mentality and a boorish News Director who rules by fear and intimidation.

KRON, on the other hand, does have some appealing anchors; they're largely ignored but they stand out because of brains and beauty.

There's the ageless wonder, Vicki Liviakis. I don't know how Liviakis does this but she gets better looking as she ages. It's a remarkable formula.

Pam Moore is also another middle-aged KRON anchor whose looks seem to be getting more hot as she enters her later stages in life. More than just a pretty face, Moore, like Liviakis, is one smart and sexy lady.

As we talk about KRON's hottie anchors, we can't leave out the great, Catherine Heenan --as graceful and charming as ever.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

KGO Radio Changes For 2016; McSweeney And Bunker On KNTV Winning Combo; KTVU Cutting Edge Sports Talent; Armstrong And Getty Vanilla Ice; Sunday 415 Media Breakfast

 The "Big" changes that are scheduled to hit KGO Radio in the coming year involves the elimination of news--lots of news. The rumor mill has it that the PM news --from 3-7 PM is all but gone. I'm guessing you'll be hearing more talk show hosts--local and syndicated. It won't be like the old KGO but it will be significant news-talk, and yes, traffic.

The weekend? Almost all syndication and taped programming. It's cheap mind you.

*At the very least, KGO should prime John Rothmann for his political analysis --there's an upcoming election in 2016 and Rothmann knows politics like I know the lamb shanks at Tommy's Joynt.

*It's not that Gil Gross is merely boring; it's his nasal, annoying voice that makes boring topics more boring. And Gil, Rhoda is your wife but her Friday spiel is an audio Gitmo. 86 her immediately.

*One of these days Jim Eason and Bill Wattenburg will tell you what they really think of Ronnnnnnn Owens.

*So too, Ray Taliaferro.

*That radically different morning show coming soon during the week on KGO-TV will be directed by an EP that many newsroom staff can't stand. Should be interesting.

*Phil Matier, Sunday morning coffee on KPIX is pretty good local TV if you like that kind of material. It certainly beats the crap on Monday thru Friday.

*Rothmann is not a one-trick pony contrary to the naysayers who hide behind closed doors. He knows politics and the Middle East, sure, but he knows sports and pop culture too and therefore all the other innuendo is complete bullshit.

*Sorry, Jack Swanson hasn't spoke to Mickey Luckoff in years --my bad.

*Lee Hammer is running both KGO and KNBR--that's a heavy load when you throw in KSFO too.

*Armstrong and Getty: Midwest hacks that have all the charm of a Citrus Heights strip mall.

*KGO-TV is interviewing prospective Hispanic reporters from out of the market for its morning show and other platforms.

*Terry McSweeney and Peggy Bunker on KNTV (NBC Bay Area) have terrific chemistry on the weekend which isn't such a bad thing to have.

*If Rob Roth, Tom Vavar, and John Sasaki are still on KTVU after Dec. 31 I'd be shocked.

*More KTVU: Four sports anchors/reporters will be shaved to 2 soon. After all, "there's only one two."

*Men without ties on KPIX. Very insightful look. Damn genius whoever thought that up. And Dennis O'Donnell? The hair twirler has a crush on you but I won't tell anyone. (I think it's the tie less thingie)

*That ultra-hot female traffic reporter on KGO Radio during the weekday morning and afternoon only dates Christian guys, sorry everyone else.

*That new, female EIC at the Chronicle hasn't penned an editorial or simple piece since she took over because, according to my Chron spy, she can't write worth a shit. But at least she's a "real journalist" and not a blogger.

*"Talk 910 AM Radio" --Melba toast with a cup of vinegar.

*"Star 101. 3 FM: see above post.

*Dave Padilla and his stupid "rise and shine" verbal joust on KCBS is downright silly. STFU, Davie.

*Today on the Michael Krasny 'Forum" KQED Radio Show, Mike interviews Dr. Baldy McFuckface on the history of soy milk.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Luckoff's Holiday Party Saturday Night; Tough Old KGO SOB Was Loyal If a Bit of an Asshole; Saturday Quickie

 Tonight (Saturday) is Mickey Luckoff's annual holiday party --he's been hosting this affair for years now and although the broadcasting atmosphere has changed dramatically, the MickeyFest is still a prized gathering, or so they say.

Luckoff, of course, ran the old KGO Radio for years when it was owned by the likes of ABC/Disney, Cap Cities and Citadel.  He split just as Cumulus took over --next Tuesday is the 4th anniversary of the Clouds taking over KGO (how time flies).

Among some of the guests tonight at Luckoff's Marin party will be Ronnnnnnnnnnn Owens (wonder if Mickey will ask Ronn about his latest manicure?); Jack Swanson, who now is the ND at KCBS and who worked for Luckoff at 900 Front. (Swanson is the husband of former KGO reporter, Melanie Morgan); Luckoff still has plenty of enemies over his notorious negotiating tactics. One time recently, Luckoff lost an arbitration case to Owens. How did he take it? He didn't speak to Owens for years. (Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.)

Luckoff is indeed a tough SOB and his rule-by-intimidation tactics is a personal rep that many people in broadcasting will never forget here and beyond. To his credit, he took care of many old KGO talent when he could have looked the other way. Ask former news anchor, Rosie Allen.

Friday, November 27, 2015

One For My Baby --415 Media TGIF Video Finale

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SF Radio Radio Ratings November '15; The 'Game' All-Sports FM 95.7 Finally Breaks Significant Ground; KCBS Holds Serve

95.7 FM, The Game finally had a top-arrow book, a real good one and in addition to posting a 2.0 plus in the Overalls --is beginning to take a bite ( a little) into some of KNBR's territory--KNBR itself saw a dramatic drop from a 5.1 to a 4.1 but as remind you, these ratings are not the ones that advertisers look at, they're the so-called "beauty contest" numbers.

Here's the full rundown.